Featured events

Featured events

The Contemporary Dance Performance “XPO in VietNam” - Hoi An 2023

The Contemporary Dance Performance “XPO in VietNam” attracted a large number of locals and tourists on the evening of September 4, 2023 at Bà Mụ Temple Gate, Hội An ancient town. Hội An city accompanied Saigon Contemporary & Ballet Dance Company (SCBC Vietnam) and Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT) - Singapore to organize this show in the hopes of providing a memorable vacation experience for both locals and tourists.

This year, the XPO International Contemporary Dance Fiesta was held with a variety of rich activities in Hồ Chí Minh city, Đà Lạt city, Hội An city and Singapore. The performance of the XPO Fiesta in Hội An commemorated “The National Day of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam on September 2” and “The 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Singapore (1973-2023)”.

The Xposition 'O' Contemporary Dance Fiesta (abbreviated XPO) - Singapore's iconic international festival, has impressed audiences with its innovative, progressive and comprehensive performances. It has effectively harnessed cultural diplomacy while also strengthening Singapore's partnerships with many countries and artists around the world.

“XPO in Vietnam” in Hội An was invested in and arranged by famous Singapore and Vietnamese choreographers, and performed by talented SCBC Vietnam dancers. On September 4, two dance excerpts were performed: “Silence of Solitude” (by Singapore choreographer Danny Tan) and “Yên Lam” (by Vietnamese choreographer Hà Thanh Hậu). These are eye-catching and sophisticated performances with sound, light, and skilled dances in a romantic real scene that are rich in artistic values between tradition and contemporary, ancient and modern, etc.

“Silence of Solitude” is the discovery and creation of choreographer Danny Tan after a long period of research and practice on human emotions. Through the different frequencies of sound, the audience feels different emotional domains and the wonderful blend of movement, emotion and frequency. We hear the most when we are quiet, which is when we are listening to ourselves from the depths of our souls.

“Yên Lam” is a contemporary folk dance piece centered on Vietnamese folk culture and family. It recreates the peaceful village space where generations of Vietnamese have retained their traditional values and thoughts. Folk dance language is combined with the smooth, emotional movements of contemporary dance. In addition, the music composed specifically for this piece is a combination of traditional and Western instruments, which also contributes to its unique features.

At a time when Hội An is running for admission to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in the fields of Crafts and Folk Art, the “XPO in Vietnam” performance once again affirms that international interchange has always been a bright spot in Hội An's history. It also clearly shows the advantages and potentials that Hội An has built and developed in the past time. This will be an important basis for the city to become a creative city, as well as a solid foundation to create momentum for stronger development in the field of culture and art in Hội An.


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