Featured events

Featured events

Composition Camp “Creative Space”, “The 2nd traditional occupations' beauty”, and Fair “Startup - Green consumption”, Hội An 2023

In order to introduce the typical indigenous culture, the transmission values of traditional crafts and honor the creations of the craftspeople; Hội An will organize a series of events: Composition Camp “Creative Space”, “The 2nd traditional occupations' beauty”, and Fair “Startup - Green consumption”, Hội An 2023. The events will take place from May 12 to 19, 2023 and include a variety of interesting and exciting activities.

From May 12 to 19, the Composition camp with the theme “Hội An Creative Space” is a place for artisans, crafters, designers,... to express their creativity and passion through their works of art. The composition camp will take place at each venue with a different theme: “Creativity on Heritage” in An Hội sculpture garden, “Pottery - Creativity spark” in Thanh Hà terracotta park, and “Carpentry village inspiration” in Driftwood village - Cẩm Hà commune. Raw materials such as wood, driftwood, clay, fabric, bamboo,... are turned into works of high artistic value by artisans' creative minds and skillful hands. The winning works will be displayed in An Hội sculpture garden from May 20 to 27, so that locals and tourists can visit, enjoy and learn more about the local culture. Parallel to the Composition camp, the 2nd Hội An traditional occupations' beauty is the continuation of the Hội An people's traditional occupations. The professions of pottery, carpentry, silk, lantern-making, unicorn head-making, sacred dog head-making, mask-making, bamboo painting-making, fish net-knitting, cake-making, etc. will be vividly demonstrated by many senior artisans or generations of descendants to continue and preserve the traditional cultural features of their ancestors.

The competition “The creation of handicraft products, Hội An 2023” is a highly interesting activity in the series of events, with the purpose of creating innovative, novel and aesthetic handicraft products to supply the market, meet the sightseeing and shopping demands of tourists to Hội An.

Along with that, the Fair “Startup - Green consumption, Hội An 2023” aims to introduce high-quality products that are derived from nature and are environmentally friendly towards health protection, while responding to the campaign “Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods” to promote the development of Vietnamese products and goods in the future. Furthermore, this is an activity in response to the “National Startup Year - Quảng Nam 2023”.

Visitors to Hội An during this time will be able to explore activities such as the culinary space, which serves delicious Hội An specialties, as well as lively and colorful folk art programs.

The events Composition Camp “Hội An Creative Space”, “The 2nd Hội An traditional occupations' beauty”, and Fair “Startup - Green consumption, Hội An 2023” promise to bring many rich and appealing experiences to attract domestic and international tourists to visit and discover Hội An. At the same time, this is an opportunity to promote creative ideas in the community, absorb artistic quintessence from countries around the world, as well as capture creative ideas of domestic artisans and artists; in preparation for joining the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.


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