Mussels species play significant roles in the cuisine of Cam Nam.


According to local belief the folk-songs:

Ai qua phố Hội Chùa Cầu
Ghé thăm Cao Lầu ôngCảnh, Bánh Xèo Tam Tam
Bên kia bánh đậpCẩm Nam
Chè Bắp, Hến trộn, Khoai lang ngọt bùi..."


In fact, Cam Nam mussels have long since established themselves as an essential dish, appearing every day in the daily meals of local people in Hoi An.


"Hến con nấu với ruột bầu
Chồng hòa vợ thuận, gật đầu khen ngon"

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Everyone in the family gathered around a basket of sweet potatoes and a bowl of steaming mussel soup after a long day's jobs. The sweet potatoes' fleshy flavor combined with the chewy, sweet, and sweet flavor of the mussels and the spicy flavor of the chili and onions warmed the family atmosphere.On summer's hottest days, we enjoy a delicious bowl of mussel soup that is made with other mussels and chopped morning glory as well to being boiled with gourd and served with sweet potatoes. Besides that, there is nothing better than hoping for a bowl of flavorful brown rice mussel porridge before winter sets in and seasoning it with some onion and pepper.

Mixed mussels are also a specialty at restaurants and eateries. From the tiny mussels to the vegetables, green onions, and thinly sliced immature white jackfruit, the dish of mixed mussels has a very appealing appearance. Cam Nam's mixed mussel meal is special because it combines the chewy, sweet taste of mussels with the aromatic and fatty taste of crispy cloves of onions, the fragrant smell of roasted peanuts, the aromatic and spicy taste of basil, and chile blended with soft and sweet ripe jackfruits. The sweetness and roughness of the mussels seem to have been accentuated by the crisp, fresh jackfruit with a hint of flavor.Additionally, this dish has demonstrated the cultural and culinary interchange between the sea and the mountains by combining all these ingredients to provide the audience an unforgettable experience. The folk-song left a deep impression of local people said that:

"Ai về nhắn với nậu nguồn
Mít non gởi xuống, cá chuồn gởi lên"
                                                (the folk-song)

Although sweet and delicious, mussels are a cool cuisine that easily gets cold. To avoid stomach distress, mussels must be served with young jackfruit and laksa leaves. What a careful calculation this new one is.

Currently, residents of the ancient town and surrounding regions, like Da Nang and Huong An and Tam Ky, are highly familiar with Cam Nam mussels. A few people are on the street every morning when the dawn has not yet turned red, and they can hear the mussels clamoring for a long time. Girls in their forties snuck into the streets carrying mussels to sell to people getting up early for breakfast. Even though there are many delectable delicacies available, many still choose eating sweet potatoes or mussels with raw rice paper in the morning. In sandy places, torn rice paper or sweet potato pieces are softened by sweet mussel juice. This dish will have a strong laxative effect on the elderly and kids.

The growth of the regional family economy is being led by the mussel profession. If you have the chance to visit Hoi An Ancient Town, you will not only be able to see pagodas and tombs but you will also be able to savor and enjoy the local cuisine, including mussels, and you will remember this journey for the rest of your life.

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