Hoi An Lantern Festival to be held in Germany

According to Lao Dong (Labour) News, Hoi An City and its BFF city Wernigerode will organise the Lantern Festival from 25th to 27th August 2023 to celebrate 10 years of establishing friendly relations (2013-2023) and promoting green growth cooperation.

The plan has been scheduled at an online meeting that took place on 20th October, the both sides agreed to hold the Festival with a number of activities such as lantern decoration on Wernigerode street, art performance, lantern making, calligraphy and other crafts of Hoi An.

The two cities also planned to build the Hoi An Garden at the People’s Park of Wernigerode, otherwise, an ecological road will be constructed in Hoi An from next year.

Cultural exchange events were held in both cities as part of the annual partnership programmes.

In 2019, Hoi An artisans participated in the ‘lantern night’ festival in Wernigerode old town, while the German Beer festival was held in Hoi An, in exchange.

Wernigerode helped develop a solar power system for public lighting, loudspeakers and lanterns in Hoi An in 2018, before depositing 23,600 euros (VND651 million, equivalent to more than USD23,000) to support flood victims in Hoi An.

Hoi An Ancient Town located in Quang Nam Province (Central Vietnam) is a UNESCO-recognised World Heritage Site. Since 2013, Hoi An and Wernigerode have fostered close friendship in the fields of technology, education and sustainable tourism.

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