Global star Eric Nam explores Hoi An, Quang Nam Province

Being a Korean-American singer, MC, musician, actor and businessman, Eric Nam currently living in Korea. has appointed Eric Nam as the campaign ambassador for its 2023 Explorers campaign. He came to Hoi An and capture wonderful emotions about this place.

Wander back in time in the Old Town

When coming to Hoi An, visitors cannot miss a stroll through the Old Quarter - whether you sign up for a walking tour with a guide, or a cycling tour. There are countless restaurants, hotels and motels or cafes here that offer bicycle rental services at affordable prices. Besides, the ban on motorbikes and motor vehicles in this area makes the 'smokeless journey' here more pleasant than ever.

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 1999, Hoi An Ancient Town is famous for its cobbled streets, intertwined with canals and a charming blend of Asian and European architectural styles. Places like Hoi An are like a magical place where you have the opportunity to admire and immerse yourself in the beauty of ancient architecture, glorious past and thousands of years of cultural value at the same time.

The most famous attractions include the Pagoda-Bridge (or Chua Cau, Japanese-style Bridge), a structure with ornate architecture from the 17th century, built from wood and red lacquered stone; and Phung Hung ancient house, a house with a long history containing many antiques from ancient times. Hoi An Ancient Town is truly beautiful, really need to preserve and appreciate the values this place possesses.

When night falls, Hoi An is lit up by thousands of lanterns. After a conversation with local people, Eric Nam learned that lighting lanterns has great spiritual significance. It is a wish for luck and peace for yourself and your loved ones.

One of the best places to admire lanterns is Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, decorated with a series of paper lanterns, many different colors and patterns. If you want to make your own lantern, you can join a handmade lantern making class or visit Nguyen Hoang night market, where lanterns made by local craftsmen are sold.

Experience "thrills" in basket boat

The activity in Hoi An that impressed Eric Nam was basket tour (or basket boat), where visitors sit in a round basket boat woven from bamboo. Eric Nam researched and learned that these basket boats have been used around for hundreds of years and are mainly used by local fishermen. Today, baskets are not only a means of catching fish, but also used for sightseeing and tourism purposes. This experience is not only affordable but also brings an extremely interesting and unique experience.

The most ideal place to experience basket boat is Bay Mau Coconut Forest tourist area, about 7km from Hoi An center. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to roam among the green coconut gardens on basket boats, listen to fascinating stories and experience catching crabs with a bamboo pole in the old-fashioned way.

Those who love water activities can spend a day at Cu Lao Cham, part of the island cluster of Hoi An beach and about 30 minutes from the mainland by canoe. This place brings a contrasting feeling to Hoi An because of its peace and quiet. All Eric Nam heard was the sound of the ocean waves, and occasionally a boat would pass by. The sea water here is crystal clear, giving lucky visitors the opportunity to take a dip.

Visitors can also scuba dive to see the unique underwater ecosystem and colorful natural coral reefs here. The unique 'water walking' service is equipped with a helmet to provide oxygen so visitors can explore comfortably. This is a truly amazing experience, perhaps even more exciting than snorkeling. Eric Nam has never experienced this before.

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