Đức An ancient house - A famous revolutionary relic in the ancient town


*Đức An ancient house

Mr. Phan Công Thuyên was an ancestor of the Phan family in Sơn Tây, Lam Sơn Động, Tonkin (the North) during the Trần dynasty (1307). The king dispatched him to Châu Ô, Châu Rí of the South. Then he moved to Đà Sơn, Hòa Vang, Quảng Nam. By the time of the 15th ancestor (the Later-Lê dynasty 1740-1786), the family moved from Giáng La to Hội An to trade and build a business. Currently, the Phan family's house is still standing at 18 Lê Lợi street. The people living at 129 Trần Phú are the 21st generation of the Phan family. Đức An house was built around the 18th century.

*Chinese herbal store

Đức An herbal store used to exist and develop together with other stores on Trần Phú street such as Hòa Xuân, Quân Thắng, Thái An Đường, Thuận An Đường,... These stores contributed to making the commercial port town of Hội An flourish from the 18th and 19th centuries to the early 20th century. Because Western medicine was not yet developed at that time, traditional Chinese herbal medicine played an important role in the life of the community in Hội An and the surrounding areas.

*Đức An Bookstore and the birth of the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association

Throughout Quảng Nam province and the country in the early twentieth century, patriotic and anti-French movements flourished. Hội An was one of the localities in Quảng Nam province that soon responded to this movement. There were many organizations in Hội An that had places to spread patriotic ideology in various forms, the most common of which was Đức An House.

At that time, Đức An family was initially a book dealer, but under the guidance of Huỳnh Thúc Kháng and Trần Quý Cáp, Đức An house became a place to sell progressive literary and poetic books to spread patriotism to the intelligentsia of the society.

In 1928, in this house, comrade Phan Thêm met comrade Đỗ Cung - a representative of Đà Nẵng organization of the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association, and comrade Nguyễn Thiên - a representative of the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association to discuss the merger of two organizations of the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association in Hội An and in Đà Nẵng into the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association in Quảng Nam, which officially took place in Đức An house in March 1929.

From 1934, Đức An house was owned by Mr. Phan Ngọc Nhân (older brother of comrade Phan Thêm) to live.

After the challenges as well as the proud achievements with his homeland's patriotic tradition, when he was elderly, he still kept his affection for his homeland.

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