Cao lau, a pride of Hoi An cuisine

Cao lau, a famous dish accompanied by the establishment and development of the Hoi An port in the past, has become an identified food of the UNESCO World Heritage Site - Hoi An.

The mixed noodle dish used to be reserved only for the upper classes. Its name literally translates as “high floor” where the rich would sit in restaurants in the old days.

Now everyone can enjoy it, and you can find it all over the ancient town of Hoi An.

A bowl includes fresh rice noodles, slices of barbecued pork, bean sprouts, lettuce, and aromatic herbs, which are then topped with crispy fried pigskin and dried noodles and finished with a spoonful of broth.

Cao lau is served with sesame rice crackers and Hoi An fish sauce or soy sauce.

Enjoying the dish is like having a unique experience of Hoi An culture./.


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