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Why Guests choose the Thanh Ha Pottery Tour while staying in Hoi an?

Visiting and experienced the most spectacular moments at the Nation Heritage of Terracotta Village and the only Vietnam Terracotta Park and  Museum of Thanh Ha.


The thought of an Opening and Covering kiln shapes has turned the Terracotta Park become the unique and biggest Pottery & Terracotta Museum in Vietnam. By walking through the narrow bricks layering roads and alleys, guests are into Thanh ha Terracotta village which is 500 years old and still carries on the pottery tradition. There is an old Temple and important to the villagers’ belief called Xuan My. It is worth to stop, visiting and taking pictures. Part of the exciting and interesting moment of the tour is to work, talk and coached by pottery craft man at the Park’s factory.


Thanh Ha Terracotta Park Hoi An

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