Creative space

Creative space

An Nhan - Exquisite Cultural Gallery & Coffee

An Nhan - Exquisite Cultural Gallery & Coffee is located in Cẩm Thanh commune, Hội An city, Quảng Nam province. When entering here, you will immediately feel the coolness and comfort because around are old houses surrounded by green gardens. This Gallery & Coffee has a collection of unique handicraft products from the ethnic groups in Vietnam - the S-shaped country.

An Nhan Exquisite is a gallery that displays and honors unique handicraft products from Vietnam's ethnic minorities, particularly M'Nong, H'Re, Ede, Co Tu, Ta Oi, Pako, Cham, Laos, Thai, H'Mong, Tay, etc. Not only that, but you can also enjoy delicious cups of coffee in this special space.

There are also rustic and simple stories about culture and humanity told through costumes, wooden statues, rattan baskets,...

An Nhan - a place where ethnic culture is closer to Hội An and international friends. An Nhan - Exquisite Cultural Gallery & Coffee - a creative space in Hội An.

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